Custom Curved-Edge Lattice Patio Cover in Bakersfield, California

Client wish list:
  • We could use our pool more often if we had partial shade along the side of the house.
  • We want the edge of our new patio cover to mimic the rounded edge of our pool.
  • Please give us a cover we can install solar panels onto later, because that's something we want to do in the future.
Our vision:
  • Classic white lattice for a crisp, clean look with just the right amount of shade.
  • Custom engineering to give the cover a curvature to match the pool's edge.
  • Place the columns right up against the lip of the pool to take maximum advantage of the space alongside the pool and allow shade to extend into the water.

Custom Concrete Patio in Ridgecrest, California

Client wish list:
  • We want a space in our backyard where we can set up a grill and have parties.
  • The pineapple trees in our backyard are nice. Can you work around them?
Our vision:
  • A customized that features blocking rather than a single slab (to eliminate the risk of cracking).
  • Design around the pineapple trees to make each plant a visual point of interest.
  • Engineer an imperceptible slant into the design to allow rain to run off into the grass rather than pooling on the slabs to create stains and slippage hazards.

Solid Patio Cover with Mitered Rafter Tails in Kernville, California

Client wish list:
  • We need to replace our patio cover, and we want the new one to last a lot longer.
  • We like the look of a white cover with some detailing on the columns and rafters.
  • We'd prefer a solid cover to keep the sun and rain off our patio and front door.
Our vision:
  • Aluminum materials that will not require periodic sanding and painting.
  • Mitered rafter tails and posts with detailing to add interest to the home's facade.
  • The new cover will be wider then the old cover to increase protection of the front windows and doors, and add shade for increased energy efficiency during summer months.

New Retrofit Windows and Doors in Ridgecrest, California


Client wish list:
  • It's time for new windows, and we want to brighten up the look of our house.
  • We like the look of windows with inset panes, but we don't want to copy our neighbors.
  • Please give us something we won't have to replace in five years.
Our vision:
  • Modern white windows and doors to complement the existing brick patio and blue trim of the home.
  • Top-of-the-line retrofit windows to save the customer time and money versus "new construction" windows. 
  • We specialize in perfecting the fit of our windows to increase the home's energy efficiency.

Stand-Alone Patio Cover with Ceiling Fans in Bakersfield, California

Client wish list:
  • Our daughter is getting married and we want to host the event in our backyard.  We need a space where we can set up tables and chairs, and decorate for the event.
  • We want a classic look that we can dress up for the reception, but we also want it to be useful for the long term.
  • Ceiling fans and electrical outlets are a must.
Our vision:
  • White with custom detailing on the posts and rafters for an elegant look.
  • Aluminum materials for a lifetime of enjoyment.
  • Inset outlets and wiring for safety and a polished look.

Solid Stand-Alone Patio and Outdoor Kitchen in Tehachapi, California

Client wish list:
  • We want this summer to be a summer full of of backyard barbeques.
  • We need a solid cover to protect our grill from sun and rain.
  • Give us something that looks nice so we can dress it up for parties.
Our vision:
  • Solid Aluminum materials that won't rust and never have to be repainted.
  • An outdoor kitchen with solid granite countertops to make grilling easy.
  • Built-in electrical outlets for additional lighting and appliances.

Bathroom Remodel in Ridgecrest, California

Client wish list:
  • Convert our tub to a walk-in shower.
  • We need grab bars for safety.
  • Give us an easy-to-clean surface that won't look dirty the day after it's scrubbed.

Our vision:
  • Solid-surface "moonlight" shower walls for a shiny look that won't show soap scum.
  • Grab bars on the side and back wall.
  • A wide-brim "rainfall" shower head.