Granite Kitchen Countertop and Tile Backsplash in Pismo Beach, California

Client wish list:
  • A smooth countertop surface in the kitchen, which can be used for rolling and kneading dough during bread baking sessions.
  • The countertop surface must be anti-bacterial and easy to clean. We can't risk contamination.
  • New back splash to match the new granite countertops. 
  • We want you to match the lowest kitchen remodel estimates we've seen but give us better materials.

Our vision:
  • Granite countertops from a trusted dealer, guaranteed to be polished smooth with the highest quality resin surface.
  • Italian-style back splash with contemporary detailing.
  • Seamless connection points on the countertop and countertop-to-backsplash joints for easy cleaning. Bacteria has no place to hide!